Holy Wars

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Heterosexual American Christian Armada
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This is a community for heterosexual cisgender American Christians of all races, and colors.
This is Gods land. This is the temple of his people. Since we're against racism we are not bigots at all here. We are also not sexist because we want Sarah Palin as president. Any form of bigotry or prejudice is not tolerated here.

Obama became president. Atheist, Muslims, and homosexual tyrants have been rising up to oppress Gods people. Several signs of the end times are coming. We need a place to give us hope in these dark times. Somewhere where we can take refuge with our fellow heterosexual American Christians against the tyranny of this sick impure satanic unholy infertile diseased world. This is a place to exchange prayers. Seek redemption. Ask advice. fill ourselves with the Fire of Christ, and take solace in the fellowship of His Word. Here we are safe from the foul tyranical iron upper hand of the God hating unmarried gay transsexual atheist. Come brothers and sisters in Christ this is the place your soul has long sought refuge for. Lets escape the nightmares of unholiness together here in our cyber temple.

This is a place of holiness, and godliness, and purity, and wholesomeness, and decency. Advocating condoms, androgyny, any tattoos that aren't crosses or of Jesus, or any jewelry other than crosses, atheism, blasphemy, being gay without seeking a cure, Bible burning, insulting NASCAR, claiming animals may have souls, men shaving anything from the neck down, long haired men, claiming Ghandi was a good person, claiming overpopulation is real, cross dressing, denying Gods wrath, desecration, effeminacy, encouraging masturbation, idolatry, pacifism, unmanliness, heresy, hedonism, insulting America, insulting Bush, claiming the Crusades were "barbaric", claiming "homophobia" is real, insulting Sarah Palin, Insulting Fred Phelps, insulting Westboro, insulting rednecks, insulting Anne Coulter, insulting Ted Haggard, insulting Rush Limbaugh, perpetuating lies the worlds over six thousand years old, or perpetuating lies evolution or global warming is real, Satanic music, playing death knights or warlocks or male belfs in World of Warcraft, getting a sex change in real life or a game, Satan worship, insulting cowboy hats, insulting cowboy boots, witchery, witchcraft, sorcery, bad talking gospel music, cowardice, hindus, Jainism, Sikhism, secularism, separation of Church and State extremists, Zoroastrianism, paganism, neo-paganism, Rastafarism, dead churches, fake Christians, bad talking country music, terrorists, terrorism, using condoms, advocating divorce, claiming marriage isn't about love, bisexuals, Satanists, Darwinists, racism, complaining someone is too religious, claiming the Bible isn't proven true, Muslims, Jews, agnostics, hypocrisy, joking about religion, humor, criticizing Christian bands, and any encouragement of doubting God will not be tolerated here.
700 club, alcohol, america, american christians, anne coulter, anti-choice, anti-condoms, anti-divorce, anti-evolution, anti-gay, anti-masturbation, anti-porn, anti-shaving, anti-sin, baptism, being proper, bible, bible belt, bible thumpers, bible thumping, bibleman, big trucks, blood of christ, capital punishment, christ, christian coalition, christian music, christian rights, christianity, christians, christmas, church, cisgender, compassion, conservative, conversion, converting, conviction, country, crosses, crusaders, crusades, crusading, curing autism, dark ages, decency, dick cheney, discipline, eugenics, evangelicals, evangelism, ex-gay, faith, family, family first, family research council, family values, fascism, focus on the family, fox news, fred phelps, freedom, genetic duty, genetic perfection, george bush, god, god's country, god's people, god's wrath, godly things, gospel, hammers, heaven, hell, heterophobia, heterosexual rights, holiness, holy, holy ghost, holy spirit, holy war, holy warriors, homosexual agenda, jerry falwell, jesus, jesus camp, jesus christ, jesus is love, kindness, knights, lambs, light, love, manliness, marriage, miracles, missionaries, morality, nascar, national legion of decency, nationalism, normal people, nuclear bombs, nuclear family, obeying god, parenting, pat robertson, philanthropy, prayer warriors, praying, preachers, preaching, pregnancy, pro-bush, pro-war, punishment, purity, rapture, rednecks, religion, reproduction, republican politics, righteous anger, rocket launchers, rush limbaugh, salvation, sarah palin, saving souls, selflessness, short hair, shotguns, social conservatism, social conservative, social norms, soldiers, steroids, straight pride, straight rights, suvs, ted haggard, televangelism, ten commandments, the bible, tradition, traditional values coalition, war, warriors, wars, westboro, wwjd

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